Our mission
Empowering local communities through renewable P2P Energy Trading and Community Energy Storage.
P2p Energy Trading
EnerNext will change the way we produce and consume energy by providing a marketplace to energy producers and consumers of any size, that will allow peer to peer energy trades via smart contracts on the blockchain to happen locally, regionally, and beyond.

Ultimately, this will reduce electricity bills and increase the returns on distributed energy resources of its users, thus incentivizing the adoption of renewable generation and facilitating the transition to an energy sector that is decarbonized and prosumer-driven.

Direct Trading
Users can sell and purchase energy directly from other users of the market, or the community energy storage. Users can even opt in to donate a part of their generation to a party of their choosing.
AI-driven Market
The EnerNext AI will use forecasting, consumption statistics, current market prices and other data to intelligently and automatically conduct trades and assess the state of the communities power demand and supply.
Enhanced Consumption
The EnerNext AI can provide insights into increasing efficiency, as well as offset loads. It will also be possible to send power for personal consumption to another location (e.g. charge EV at friends house).
Community energy storage
EnerNext facilitates the formation of ad-hoc community energy cooperatives that pool their resources to reduce their cost, improve their efficiency – all while improving grid resiliency.

Anyone that has a power generation system, a grid-connected battery, an EV, or loads that can be automated, can participate by connecting to EnerNext, thus creating a virtual pool of resources.

Community Storage will allow our users to time-shift the consumption of the power generated by the community, allowing access to renewable power around the clock.
Virtual Microgrid
Utilizing the P2P marketplace and the Community Storage, will allow EnerNext to minimize the community's draw of power from the grid.
Ancillary Services
The Community Energy Storage and pooled resources can be used to perform various ancillary services to the grid - such as primary regulation for frequency control.
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